Welcome to the NCG


Come join us for some gaming fun and meet new friends right in your neighborhood!  We are a friendly group of all ages that get together for great times playing all kinds of games.  Please join us to learn new games, to teach others some of your favorites, and simply to get together and have fun old friends and new friends alike.  All kinds of games are played such as traditional board games, Euro Games, RPGs, miniatures games, computer games and a whole host of other games!  We gather at various locations, both in public or in the homes of members for some friendly games and fun.  The National Community of Gamers (The NCG) coordinates events to bring people together for a healthy mix of fun, education, competition and conversation through traditional games.  Games an excellent way of getting to know, understand and communicate with people who might not be in one’s family or typical circle of friends.

We have events every week that are played in public places or at the homes of some of our members.   We have events many times each month, so attend the ones you can! Our calendar of events on each of our chapter websites are brimming with fun gaming events!  Don’t be shy, as mentioned, our members love to teach new players!

Membership to The NCG is completely FREE!  We are a program of Social Interactions, Inc., a 501(c)3 public charity.