Holiday Game Bash 2019 – Raffle Items

The Holiday Game Bash is known for its incredible Raffle Prizes and this year is no different! In fact, this year we have the traditional game raffle and a SPECIAL RAFFLE (click here for info) that you will not want to miss!

Here is how the Raffle works: Each attendee receives 2 raffle tickets (More can be purchased for $1.00/each or 6 for $5.00 at the event). Every prize is numbered and there is a corresponding paper bag with the same number. Simply fill out your ticket and drop it into the prize you are trying for. Odds are fantastic to get a prize! So far, this is what we have:

Atmar’s Cardography (Decks 1 and 5)

Betrayal Legacy

Call to Adventure

D&D Eberron: Rising from the Last War


Founders of Gloomhaven

Kingsport Festival

Lovecraft Letter


Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

Star Wars Outer Rim

Terraforming Mars Prelude Expansion


More to come…!